Pewter Gremlin Bell

Pewter Gremlin Bell

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Legend has it that a small bell attached to your motorcycle close to the ground catches evil road spirits. The little gremlins then live on your motorcycle causing all kinds of mechanical problems. The cavity of the bells lures the spirits to it, but the constant ringing drives them insane and they leap off to get away from it. Exploding as they hit the hot asphalt. This is where potholes come from ;) 

Our gremlin bells are handmade right here in the USA of pewter for crisp, clear tones. They are 1" tall x 7/8" wide, and come with a keyring and story card. 

We currently offer the 'Wolf Spirit' gremlin bell, and it's a perfect gift for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road. 

Wolfstryker Leather uses these on all of our trucks and trailers!